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Original Air Date: October 14th, 2009

It's a Virtua Fighter RPG of I remember reading about it in magazines years ago and thought it would either be cancelled or never make it stateside, but I was surprised when I heard it did. I didn't get my hopes up (as the pre-release news about the game was less than reassuring), but decided to grab a copy for both my PS2 and my GameCube (the GC version being a little harder to come by). I first played the PS2 and stopped about two hours in; It just didn't grab my interest.

About a month later, I decided to play it for GameCube and actually stuck with it, likely because I had less games to play for the system. the game is okay, but hardly challenging and very short. I completed everything in the game in about 18 hours, including beating Goya (those who know about the game will know what I'm talking about), and I probably procrastinated some of the time away inbetween. I only found the final boss to be any sort of challenge (Goya is just time-consuming). Still, the game and length was managable. I wouldn't have finished the game if it was much longer.

The game is about a boy named Sei who decides to become a treasure hunter within the virtual world of Nexus along with his best friend, Hayami, but gets more than he bargained for. He'll go against a sinister plot that involves lost data, a mysterious girl named Toka, Virtua Souls (the essence of Virtua Fighters), The Dural, and the destruction of Nexus and the city of Acropolis.

One would think the gameplay is deep since you meet and learn many attacks from the famous Virtua Fighter crew, but fighting (the bulk of the game) becomes a rather simple affair as you won't need to use most of the attacks at your disposal very much. Simply bashing attack and strategically switching between the Synapse Break (or if you really want to really exploit the game, just do small jumping attacks) can win 90% of your battles.

You may get hurt more with jumping attacks I've become able to manipulate Synapse Break and Virtua Souls to such an extent that I can turn it on and off to substitute damage and beat the game without ever using an auto revive. I'm not chucking that up to my ability, but rather, just how simple the game is. With auto-revives, you can beat the game with ease.

The game isn't special in the visual department (some might say it actually looks pretty bland), though the music is pretty cool. I'll also upload the battle with Dural, Moon, and the Ending. Enjoy.
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