ULTIMATE 1.4 Mining Loadout - Mastermode | Terraria Journey's End

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This is the best ultimate mining loadout/class in Terraria meant for high speed excavating and digging! This loadout is just for fun and building, don't use this against the people you hate. ;)

Complete Items List:
-Shroomite Digging Claws.
-Reforge to "Light" to get 17% increased minging speed.

-Ultrabright Helmet, Mining Shirt, and Mining Pants will give you a set bonus of 30% increased mining speed.
-Mining Helmet + Nightvision Helmet gives you an Ultrabright Helmet.
-Ultrabright Helmet gives you increased vision underground.

-Celestial Shell + 15% mining speed.
-Celestial Stone + 15% mining speed.
-Moonstone + 15% mining speed.
-Sunstone + 15% mining speed.
-Ancient Chisel + 25% mining speed.
-Terraspark boots allows more mobility on all terrain.
-Treasure Magnet increases pickup range of your mined items.
*important note: reforging the accessories will not affect your mining speed in any way. So using reforges to increase melee speed will not make you mine faster.

-Mining Potion + 25% mining speed.
-Christmas Pudding will give Major improvements to mining and movement speed. Roughly +5% increased mining speed
-Night Owl Potion and Shine Potion will give improved underground vision.
-Swiftness Potion to give increased Movement Speed

Pickaxe has 200% pick power with + 162% increase in mining speed with armor, accessories, potions, and "light" reforge on the pickaxe equipped.

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