Traitors (JBA Mod) 2/2

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You all know what's coming. The dust settles after a brutal war of the Three Slavic Nations, but Russia isn't de-mobilising. Poland just got destroyed and Ruthenia is crippled after the war. Phase 2 of the plan. We're going to be a brutal traitor.

This is part 2 of 2 of the JBA mod session! Outside of the intricate moves between the three Slavic nations, so much chaos unfolds around the rest of the world and so many people are betrayed. However, among all the treachery and backstabs, perhaps we'll show mercy to some nations. There are some good wars in this video and we do some brief war analysis!

At the end of this video is the full bodycount of this session of the JBA mod. So many nations met their demise and we will pay tribute.

JBA mod – officially known as “Pirate Struggle” - is the alternate history mod by JBA. (Juan Basado el Andaluz). Version was used in these videos. If you want to stay properly up-to-date when it's updated ( is on the way and many of the issues identified in these videos will be fixed) you can find it on my discord. Here's the link:

This is a two-part video NOT a series. The reasons why are at the end of this video, where I give a brief summary of what happened for me in the rest of the campaign. Part 1 is here:

The Muscovy DoD series – you may recognise a certain Muscovy vs Poland-Lithuania

More funny Victoria 2 stories:

Russia – me
Ruthenia – Valk
Poland-Lithuania – virtualrock AKA MetaMan500
Arctic Republic – Tokigar
Celtic Union – Garfield
Scandinavia – FattyArms
Host/GM/Japan – Soul47
Mod Creator/GM/Chagatai Horde – JBA
Italian Trade Federation – YoYoKaiser
France (no flag for subtitles but he sure talks a lot) - BigWeevil
Pirates of the Barbary Coast – PGAwesome
Jerusalem - Cecilol
Persia – King Bloob
Kurdistan – Ser Pounce
Romania – Polakis
Spain - TIMME

Music, in order of appearance:
Farewell of Slavianka Victory Parade version
Pictures at an Exhibition “The Hut on the Fowl's Legs”, Mussorgsky
Symphony Pathétique II, Tchaikovsky
Antira's Dance, Edvard Grieg
March of the Life Guards Izmailovsky Regiment
Among Us menu music
Symphony Shostakovich
Drums of the Deep, Kevin MacLeod
Investigations, Kevin MacLeod
“Soldiers, Brave Lads”
“Pirate Crew”, “epic pirate music”, Ross Bugden
God Save the Tsar
“Fiddler of the Plains” Atilla Total War Soundtrack
Oppressive Gloom, Kevin MacLeod
“Non Copyrighted Cinematic Music Action and Adventure (Royalty Free Music)”
“Sarabande” Handel

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If you want to join the discord for this multiplayer, or any others, head into my discord and check out the channel which has links to loads of Vic2 multiplayer communities.
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