The Ultimate Quest Tracking Test by Playing Beat Saber Everywhere!

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*Note* Yes this is a Re-Upload. I fixed the single channel audio problem and a few other things that were bothering me! I also wanted to wait till there was a few other people around to enjoy it considering how much work actually went into it!

In this video I put the Oculus Quest to the Ultimate test by playing Beat Saber everywhere I could think of around my city! Indoors, outdoors, inverted and even over water and this beast of a VR Headset still managed to track.

I know this will be called FAKE but it is NOT. I spent about a month gather shot's and another couple days editing it together. The right side is the footage recorded in the headset at the time of filming, I then synced everything up and spliced it together for a seamless experience. The Oculus Quest does not work in direct sunlight so all these shots were taken indoors, early morning before the sun is up, evening right when the sun is down, in heavy overcast or the shade. I also did specific things while playing(like spinning on the skateboard) so you can see that the footage is real.

This being said it does not mean it tracked perfectly everywhere. A few locations like on the paddle board the tracking was hit or miss and I used the parts that did track properly for the video. That being said it is incredible that it managed to track at all!
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