The Dumping Ground: Series 5 Ep 5: Sittin' in a Tree

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The Dumping Ground: Series 5 Ep 5: Sittin' in a Tree

Shocked to find most of the YP think she and Tyler are a couple, Jody sets out to find Tyler a girlfriend, someone he can take to the upcoming Kids in Care dinner. They meet Sophie at a local skate park, but Tyler panics and doesn't leave a good impression. After some advice and encouragement from Candi-Rose and Jody, Tyler returns and gets her phone number. With doubts and jealousy creeping into Jody's head about her true feelings for Tyler, she smudges the phone number on Tyler's hand. With the blame pointed at Jody, tensions rise between her and

Meanwhile, Archie falls and hurts his hand while racing around the garden. Coming to his rescue with a plaster, May-Li provides a comforting word. With newfound admiration for May-Li, Archie sets about impressing her by helping in the garden - only to be thwarted by Toni and Ryan. When he misses out on a trip to the garden centre with May-Li, Archie gets angry and destroys part of the garden
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