SpaceX Starship SN4/SN5 landing legs unveil and Elon Musk’s explanations of cryogenic-stable alloys

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SpaceX passed cryogenic test of Starship SN4 prototype and Elon Musk unveiled SN5's landing legs on April 28, 2020. SpaceX made huge progress on Starship Interplanetary rocket development. Ambient temperature pressure test of SN4 went well. NASA approved SpaceX as general provider for Lunar Lander Mission. SpaceX revealed also the all-new Starship SE Special edition for the mission to Moon.

Several days before Elon Musk specified updates of Starship’s landing legs. He demonstrated the video of the bottom side of the prototype. They are currently installed at SN4 prototype. Stainless steel is not the only material that is used for Starship landing legs development. There is also titanium parts.

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