SaltDogg Medium Duty MDS: Electric Combo Body Dump Spreader for Class 4-7 Trucks - Product Overview

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SaltDogg Medium Duty MDS Combination Dump Spreader keeps your fleet's Class 4-7 trucks working year-round. With 10 gauge 304 stainless steel construction, the combo body is designed to handle any job in any weather. One piece roll-formed radius sides provide a 3-4 cubic yard capacity. The double-acting Mailhot® cylinder gives powerful and reliable dump action. In the winter, the high speed pintle chain conveyor feed rapidly spreads salt, sand, or a 50/50 salt/sand mix. The versatile unit helps you get the most out of your trucks like the Ford® F-Series, Freightliner® M2 Series, International® CV™ Series, Chevrolet® Silverado™ Chassis Cabs, and RAM® Chassis Cabs.

The Medium Duty MDS is the first combo body in its class to offer a fully electric drive option. No central hydraulics system required (a hydraulic drive option is also available). The optional pre-wet system maximizes the efficiency and potency of your deicing materials so you can quickly clear large parking lots and city streets. An electric tailgate release gives you convenient in-cab control. The unit's cross-member free design makes it easy to clean, and a low center of gravity greatly reduces the strain it puts on your truck.

The combo body's all-season design saves you the hassle of removing and storing your spreaders when snow season ends. Just take off the removable spinner assembly and put the included floor cover over the conveyor to get your trucks ready for Spring.

Key Features of the Medium Duty MDS:
- An all-in-one spreader and dump body combo unit for Class 4-7 trucks.
- One piece roll-formed sides provide a 3-4 cubic yard capacity.
- 10 gauge 304 stainless steel construction is ready for any job.
- Put your whole fleet to work year-round - no need to remove and store your spreaders during the off-season.
- Electric tailgate release provides convenient in-cab control.
- Double-acting Mailhot® nitrided cylinder for powerful and reliable lifting and lowering.
- A high speed conveyor chain feed and a removable spinner unit easily spread salt, sand, or a 50/50 salt/sand mix.
- Cross member-free design makes the unit easy to clean with a low center of gravity that reduces strain on the vehicle.

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