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r/IDontWorkHereLady In today's Reddit stories, a drunken public urinator picks a fight with the wrong guy and seriously regrets his decisions. In another story, a lady has a Karen freakout when she assumes OP is a cashier despite being told otherwise. Another story involves a military recruiter at a high school flirting with someone whom he thought was a teacher. It turns out she was actually a 16 year old student! In another, a flight attendant returns home after a long, tiring international trip. In OP's own apartment building, a male Karen starts chewing out OP about about an airline that OP doesn't even work for. Having had enough, OP puts this male Karen in his place. These are just a few of the many Karen freakouts, public freakouts and IDWHL stories we read about on this channel. Stick around for more!
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Karen Thinks I'm Kidnapping My Own Kid | r/IDontWorkHereLady Reddit Stories

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