Quadrilla Marble Run Volleyball E4 - Tournament by Fubeca's Marble Runs

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Hi !! Fubeca is pleased to present the channel's new official tournament - Quadrilla Marble Run Tournament! An event with gigantic organizations between Fubeca and the great toy brand Hape that brings us an exclusive line of Quadrilla marble production.
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Hape will be our first and greatest channel partner so that we can develop incredible circuits every year that you love to see on our channel. The tournament will have 6 events with balls from countries (16 in total) where it will dispute the great Hape Fubeca cup. Who will win the first tournament in the Quadrilla Marble Run series? Race by Fubeca's Marble Runs! #marblerun #marblerace #marblecircuits

The competitor wins when he scores more points in the basket
In the event of a tie, the winner is the one who touches the basket first.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Presentation
1:28 Race 1 Group A
2:31 Race 2 Group B
3:38 Race 1 Group C
4:45 Race 2 Group D
6:04 Semifinal A
7:21 Semifinal B
8:34 Final
10:06 Podium

Participating teams: Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, India, Canada, UK, USA, China and Portugal

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Commentary: Keanu Biedrzycki

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