Protect your home and business with Tapco security screens by Trend Security Screens

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Tapco Security Screens (distributed and installed by Trend Security Screens)made out of powder-coated stainless steel mesh and heavy-duty aluminum frames can help protect your home and business windows and doors from:
-burglars and vandalism
-flying debris from tornados
-damaging UV-rays (our screens double as solar screens)
-They will even protect your windows if you live on a golf course

Since every screen is custom made; to get a precise bid from the manufacture, we come out to measure every window and door opening. If you enclosing a patio room we will measure and create a plan for your approval.

Our screens are installed by our experienced employees over your existing windows and either attached in the brick pocket or directly to the siding. When attaching to siding we use 3" screws that will go through your siding and into the 2" x 4" inside the wall.
Window screens attached to siding or to the aluminum extrusions on commercial projects get screw covers. The screw covers conceal the tamper-resistant installation screws. Not only do the screw covers make for a very clean installation but they are extremely hard to remove, even for someone that is experienced in working with the Tapco screw covers.

There are 3 types of window screens in the 300 series (used in 98% of our projects.
1. Screens that open from the inside. In case of fire, you would simply open your window, flip the ADA approved latch on the screen and push the screen open so you can get out.
2. Screens that open from the outside. We install these on windows that do not open, but if you need to clean your windows or get to the glass for any reason you will have that capability.
3. Fixed screens do not open from the inside or outside. If you need to get to your glass the entire screen would have to be removed.
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