Preparing To Build A 19 GPU Mining Rig | Mining Rig Build Step by Step

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In this video we show how we broke down our 6 GPU Veddha Frame Mining Rig, which was actually our first ever Mining Rig, built 3 months ago. We also go into detail on what our plans are for this MONSTER 19 GPU mining Rig, Frame, Parts, Power Supplies, GPU Selection & More!

Notes: I am in the talks with a community member about repairing our broken GPUs. I sent one to him this past week, if it all works out I will disclouse to the community his services and how to get your broken GPUs to him.

Videos & Links Mentioned in Video Today:
Full List Of All Hardware/Cables/GPUS In The Video Found Here with Links

GPU Hangers From MisFit Mining:

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Our Veddha Frame is Empty!
00:30 Follow Me On Twitter @TheHobbyistMiner
00:50 Asus B250 Mining Motherboard
01:40 GPU Hangers
02:30 Rubber Mat for Protection
03:30 Review Our Parts & Cables
04:40 Review of GPUs for Build
06:10 Update On Broken GPUs

Preparing To Build A 19 GPU Mining Rig
Mining Rig Build Step by Step
Guide to Building A Mining Rig
Step By Step Instructions on How To Build a Mining Rig
How to Build a Mining Rig

My Current Mining Rig Hardware In The Video:
⏺ Astarin 6 GPU Open Air Mining Rig Frame
⏺ UpHere 120MM 86 CFM Cooling Fans
⏺ Asus B250 Expert Mining Motherboard - 19 GPU Support
⏺ GPURisers 2021 Batch GPU Risers White
⏺ Bec NeTech PCIe GPU Riser Kit
⏺ Sapphire Nitro AMD RX470 4GB DDR5 GPU
⏺ Sapphire Nitro AMD RX570 4GB DDR5 GPU
⏺ PNY Geforce GTX 1650 Super OC 4GB DDR6 GPU
⏺ EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 6GB DDR6 GPU
⏺ HP 1200W Server PowerSupply x 3
⏺ AresGame 750W Bronze ATX PowerSupply
⏺ Misfit Mining 3D Printed GPU Hangers

My Favorite Crypto Mining Channels To Watch:
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???? Red Fox Crypto: ​
???? TekShinji:

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Disclaimer - I am not an "Expert", I am learning along the way, just like you! Please do your own research, come to your own conclusions & make your own mistakes! Everything on this channel is for fun as a hobby and entertainment for you, the viewer.

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