Phantom Stalker of Bill and Dorothy Wacker & Corey Scherbey

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Twisted Twos:
Phantom Stalker of Bill and Dorothy Wacker and Corey Scherbey

Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries. Every week Twisted Two's dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying stories that are worthy of a more in-depth look.

For this week, we focus on the mysterious phantom stalker of the Wacker’s and the death of Corey Scherbey. Get ready for Scary Mysteries, Twisted Two’s.

1 Phantom Stalker

For Bill and Dorothy Walker of Stark County, Ohio, life was quiet and unassuming. They lived in the small peaceful town of Massillon all their lives and have been together over 48 years.

Everything seemed fine but in 1984, the couple’s troubles began. They returned home one day to find their home fully ransacked. All their belongings were left lying about everywhere, making a complete mess, but nothing was stolen. Since nothing was missing, the couple kept the incident to themselves and didn’t report it. Later that same year, the couple experienced a similar break-in. Again, nothing was stolen and they thought it was best to not report it. However, when it happened a third time on January 16, 1985, Bill Wacker decided to tell police.

2. Corey Scherbey

It was August 22, 2011 when Gladys Scherbey went ahead to check on her son, Corey Scherbey, in his home at Chilliwick, British Columbia, Canada. It was a routine visit. But there was something strange this time around. Despite repeated rings on the doorbell and several knocks, Corey never responded. Glady’s decided to let herself inside but what she found would haunt her forever.

She found her son, Corey, on his knees, slumped over with his face pressed into the cushions. He was dead. Around the body, was a huge pool of black liquid believed to be blood. She turned over the body and was shocked she couldn’t even recognize her son’s face. She said the face was extremely pale and his eyelids were white. On the floor around the house, she also noticed bloody footprints. Even more, he seemed to be missing ears. Extremely horrified, she left the home and decided to call police.
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