[Part 1] Played Pranks On Couples- But It Bit Me Right Back

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"Played Pranks On Couples- But It Bit Me Right Back"

Hey, Milo here and let me tell you something about love. Well, love totally sucks. At least that's how I felt after my cheating ex Deana broke my heart…ouch!
Deana's 16 months, and 15 days older than me…not that I was counting or anything. I first met her in the park one morning, the heel on her shoe had broken, and being a sucker for a damsel in distress, I ran to the nearest store and bought her an emergency pair of flip flops.

She offered to take me out to lunch to say thank you, then we hit it off. And that’s how we started dating, we quickly fell madly in love despite the age difference. But then she had to go off to college, but it would just take a year being apart from each other because she'd made me promise to apply to the same school as her so we could be together. The future sounded amazing, I couldn’t wait till graduation and start a new life with her in a new city.

It was our 10th month anniversary, so I tried to be romantic and showed up at her place with a surprise bunch of flowers - but that’s when I caught her in bed with some college guy! Talk about a bummer! I actually think I felt my heart snapped in two! I was so angry I threw the bouquet to the ground and didn’t forget to stomp on them a few times on my way out.

So, I took the train home and turned into that miserable guy who HATES love. To make it even worse, Valentine’s Day was approaching and loved-up couples were everywhere!!! What a disgusting sight!!!

If I couldn't have a happy Valentine's Day, then neither could anyone else! So, I decided to mess with them.

My friends were the money-making kind, so naturally, they wanted to cash in on the day of 'lurve.'
If your heart is still intact then you have no idea how much it sucks feeling heartbroken and being surrounded by chocolates, flowers and fluffy teddy bears holding hearts!

But I’d already agreed to help them as I figured I could spend the extra money on a gift for Deana, but obviously, this was pointless now!
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