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I think everyone who at least once fell into the hands of a fraudster, as a result, began to actively change his worldview in order to exclude this situation in the future. And in truth, we saw many examples of how companies, exchanges, investors lost their funds due to the lack of tools that would guarantee the preservation of all their funds in case of bad news.

Of course, you might think that all problems stem from centralized services, where all data is saved in one place. However, hackers also contribute to disruption of the decentralized ecosystem, and we often noticed this in repeated attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Over the past year, only $ 1 billion has been stolen, and that number is increasing annually.

Based on this, in order to somehow reduce the growing dynamics, the Blocksafe team of specialists made a lot of efforts to prepare for us a high-quality solution for all occasions.

BlockSafeTechnologies creates an ecosystem to protect blockchain platforms, cryptocurrency wallets and exchangers.
To do this, the project developers have created and patented several of their products, namely CryptoDefender TM and ExchangeDefender TM.

The product itself was created by experienced experts in their field who have been developing in this sector for more than a year.

The basis of the product’s work is the cyclical nature of the action, when at each separate stage it will be necessary to pass an authentication, followed by a check for the possibility of penetration of the scum into the process.

For example, CryptoDefender serves to prevent typing from hacking programs.
ExchangeDefender, which includes two products, ProtectID and CryptoDefender, protects users when making purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies using various authentication methods.
And the third important product in this ecosystem is BlockchainDefender, which can prevent malware from entering between applications and system combinations.

All three of these tools together create one of the most powerful and secure platforms for digital currencies and reduce the risk of loss of funds by several times.

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