Oculus quest 2 faulty lenses, my 3rd headset still bad, multiple reports or people having the same

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so my oculus pre-ordered headset is extremely blurry, has terrible god rays and is causing eye strain (ipd 63, setting 2 not that it matters)

I decided to buy another headset as oculus support have took weeks and they still haven't accepted it back.

my new headset was immediately bad, same story, very blurry, small sweetspot, god rays.

I then went back next day and had that headset replaced which is what you seen in the video here.

straight away there is defects visible and same thing yet again, small sweet spots, blurry and alot of God rays, the worst yet.

this 3rd headset is so bad, that I have to force it all the way to the right on my face to get any focus, the sweetspots for the lenses are all the way on the left of lenses, I presume this is incorrect angle on the lens installation and seeing the 'oil slick' stains from the corners that are affected the worst backs up my assumption.

terrible quality control, there is no excuse for this, never I'm all my years of buying oculus headsets have I ever seen or experienced this.

it is not normal, alot of people new to vr may think it is and that is alarming, if it's giving me and several other people with a perfectly matched IPDs severe eye strain and what feels like tunnel vision, when older headsets with worse lenses and worse screen resolutions have never caused issues, you can only put it down to a defect or seriously bad quality control from some wayward installation robot.

here is someone who's managed to capture what this 3rd headset looked like for me, the sweetspot which is in focus being way over to the left, not central, meaning it's not near the ipd setting and I had to force the headset over to the right side of my face to see anything at all.
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