*NEW* GINGERBREAD BEAR GLITCH!!! (Still Works!) ???? Bee Swarm Simulator!

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In Bee Swarm Simulator the Gingerbread Bears are hard to find! If you want to level up your bees faster, or buy more hive slots, you will want to check out this BBM Glitch! - McProseph

???? McWife23 made us T-Shirt's! Wear one to Join us instantly! - #!/shirts ????
????1 Per Month = Sponsor VIP! Hive Spot Reserved Every Run! - ????
???? Send me hive pics in Discord here: ????
???? Subscribe to my Friend TypicalPanda here: ????

Want to join me? See beelow for LIFETIME Perks!

Cheapest option is ????1, higher tier = higher perks - #!/shirts

If a ????1 Shirt is too expensive I send FREE server links like 10 times daily in discord, shirt owners get dm'd before each run however.

???? --- Current Tiers --- ????
(*All Tiers include the Perks from Previous Tiers as well.)

???? A Tier 1 shirt purchase gets you on McProseph's Friend List & Whitelisted to 2 Servers!????
???? A Tier 2 shirt purchase ALSO gets you whitelisted on 4 of McProseph's Servers!????
???? A Tier 3 shirt purchase ALSO gets you a Guaranteed reserved spot in the next run + 6 Whitelisted Servers!????
???? A Tier 4 shirt purchase ALSO gets you access to ALL Servers + a Custom Shout Out in McProspeh's Next video!????
???? A Tier 5 shirt purchase ALSO reserves a spot in EVERY run for LIFE + You control McProseph! Tell McProseph what Server to Join or what Roblox game to play! 1 on 1 assistance included + hive tips + Secret Discord Friendship Perks????

???? Sprout Parties with McProseph ????
*NEW* Gingerbread Bear Glitch (Still Works) ???? Bee Swarm Simulator

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