???????? Mrunal's Daily Current Affairs: UPSC-Dec-24-2020(IE)-Retrospective Tax, Fixed Term Employee

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????????Job openings:
1) 183 SBI Assistant Manager (Computer/System)
2) IDBI Bank Specialist officers (Computer & others) (Although in most jobs they asked Post graduation with minimum 55-60% marks depending on category + some 2-4-7 years experience)
3) SBI Bank fire safety etc officers

**⏩ Polity⚖️**
→ (If LAW Optional) CrPC 357-Court can order the The Criminal to pay compensation to victims restitution. Victim Impact Report (VIR) / Victim Impact Statements (VIS) - victim will tell court about his losses → accordingly Compensation may be determined. Notable judgements Ankush Shivaji Gaikwad v. State of Maharashtra (2013), Karan v. State of Delhi (2020)
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋Anti cow slaughter laws of Karnataka and Goa | Kerala Abhaya murder
→ PH rights: VH lawyer/litigants if given paper copy of court documents???? can't read. If PDF file given but not Optical character recognition (OCR) or contains watermark/signatures at random places then Computer Text to speech software does not function properly. So, SC orders HCs to do the needful, to make Court hearings more accessible to them for right to equality guaranteed by Article 14 and the right to practice a profession of one’s choice under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution
→ Blatant overuse and misuse of Presidential pardoning power by Trump to help his corrupt/fraud friends, before 20/1/2021 when his term expires. (=how Indian constitution much better)
**⏩ Economy????**
→ Retrospective tax: early 2000, Vodafone, Cairn bought some Indian company from their foreign owners in tax havens. Income Tax Department demanded capital gains tax (CGT). This company refused to pay, ke it was sold outside Indian tax jurisdiction. Early 2012- Govt amended Income Tax Act to tax such deals 'before date of passing this law' retrospective effect. Bilateral Investment Agreements between India/UK provided for a permanent Court of arbitration at the Hague (Netherlands) for such disputes. Indian government defeated -can't demand tax with Retrospective effect.
→ FDI: Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcasting services @100%, channel licence period to 20 years.
→ (1) Contract workers =Company has them through middleman/labour contractor. Labour dispute/EPFO/legal compliance on contractor. (2) Fixed Term employees = Company directly has them but for a specific time period only afterwards if agreement not renewed → job automatically terminated. Eligible for EPFO only up to the period of job. Neither providing job security to workers → Apple (Winstron) Karnataka plant unrest. Production Linked Incentive scheme (PLI): Mobile companies given 4-6% subsidy based on additional production. But if the labour issues not settled, then PLI is useless.
→ CCI: Google Misusing dominant position for search bias, promoting google pay, not allowing Mobile handset manufacturers to modify the operating system etc. USA-EU also looking into similar antitrust action by google/facebook etc.
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋Post Matric Scholarship for SC: funding reforms | GST technical reforms 1% liability to be paid in cash.
**⏩ E-Gov????**
→ E-Gov: Fuel pilferage and vehicle misuse: Guj's Rajkot Municipal corporation project "Fuel monitoring system" - Vehicle monitor through GPS and fuel devices- also integrated with city CCTV network.
→ E-Gov: DBT not panacea. MNREGA funds released DBT to beneficiary accounts through Management information system(MIS). Guj's computer operators hack the system to siphon ₹1cr. Soln (1) Effective supervision necessary. (2) low paid contractual outsourced workers = difficult to expect honesty. recall Sardar Statue of Unity's crores of ticket sales money also siphoned by them.
**⏩ Science????**
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋Indian Antarctic stations Maitri (1988) and Bharati (2012). In news about how to return them in Corona.
→ Corona: Health Ministry's COVID Vaccine IntelligenceNetwork(CoWIN) system. Asked Startups to improve its Technology
**⏩ IR/Defense????**
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋NE Internal security: National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang (NSCN-K) Ceasefire and peace talks with government.
**⏩ PIN-GK????️**
→ : just like t20 vs test cricket, classical chess could go that way (Shorter time format for Attracting more pageviews/ad revenue)

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