???????? Mrunal's Daily Current Affairs: UPSC-Dec-23-2020(IE)-Modi legion of merit, Sister Abhaya, J

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**⏩ Polity⚖️**
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋ Kashmir DDC election result, Kerala Sister Abhaya Case after 28 years
→ Putin's new amendment: 1) Ex-president can become permanent member of Russian Rajya Sabha. 2) Immunity from prosecution after the Presidential term expires.
→ (Secularism) nation-state law 2018: Israel is“nation-state of the Jewish people”. Arab minority feels unhappy with "inequality", file case in the supreme court.
**⏩ Economy????**
→ Inflation: 2020- Heavy rains → onion crop damage → Heavy inflation → mid-sept Government banned the export of onions to ⏫supply. But Dec- next crop arrived, farmers getting hardly 10-15/kg @trader, they're Requesting government to lift the export ban
→ $900 billion USA Covid Aid- Unemployment allowance, relief in tax/subsidies : may revive demand → Indian exports⏫.
→ IBC suspension was expiring on 25th Dec so +3 months extended= 24 March 2021 tak suspended. ✋Exact dates notIMP
→ THE INTERNATIONAL Cricket Council (ICC) wants tax exemptions for hosting T20 World Cup 2021 in india, else will explore UAE.
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋World bank to give 500 million dollar loan for for Highway projects in India
**⏩ Science????**
→ 6th India International Science Festival (IISF) held virtually. Scientific solutions needed for Health, Water Scarcity, Food Security, Pollution= SDG. But Challenge is to retain youth in science. Steps? Hackathons, Scholarships, Visiting foreign faculty etc.
→ (Space) Great conjugation of Jupiter and Saturn on Dec'21. Visible from naked eye. Jupiter orbits the Sun once in 12 years, and Saturn once in 30. They'll meet again in 2040. & 2060.
→ ⚾️????⚾️????✋Antibodies from Llama named 'Cormac' can help fighting Corona
→ Project Titan - Apple's self driving cars by 2024.
**⏩ IR/Defense????**
→ ⚾️????⚾️Balochistan actor was found dead in Toronto, India Japan Defence Minister talks
→ Indo-US: Legion of merit Degree chief commander: One of the highest military decorations-Trump gave it to PM Modi, PM Abe (Japan) & PM Morrison (Aussie). Previously Indian who got 1) Field Marshal Cariappa 2) general SM Srinagesh. Aimed at strengthening Quad ties against China.
→ (Essay) Global World/Order Challenges to: Pandemic, rapid technological change- & MNCs, cyber security, Space Security, Climate Change, Poverty, Hunger, Radicalisation, weapons race, Weaponization of economy through Protectionism,

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????????‍♀️Q) What is this video-series?
I'm simply "commenting" what was relevant from current news items for competitive exams in India such as UPSC,IAS/IPS,CDS,CAPF,IES,SSC,IBPS,RBI,SEBI,StatePCS etc from today's Indian Express (IE). You still have to read the paper to actually "learn" it.????
????????‍♀️Q) Shd I make notes from a newspaper? खुद से नोट बनाने चाहिए या नहीं?
Ans) You shd make personal notes for:
✅✍️interview specific info abt ur hobbies, home state, graduation related current affairs
✅✍️Quotable quotes for essay / ethics (GSM4 Paper)
✅✍️Optional subject
✋✍️Dont waste time making notes 4 General Studies- Polity-new bills/acts, science technology, environment, International relations bcoz many e-learning websites provide free monthly current affairs CA-pdf file covering them
✋✍️Dont waste time making notes for Economy- Bcoz I'm providing comprehensive exam oriented handouts for Economy- targeting UPSC-2021. You may join my Unacademy plus course use ????coupon code "" for an extra discount!???? (Registration URL: @)
????????‍♀️Q) Which newspaper is better for competitive exams? Indian express (IE) or Hindu?
Short ans: if south India AND unable to understanding hindi-medium utube videos/lecture then= theHindu, if ELSE Indian Express.
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