Morning Coffee and EDC Pocket Dump - Part 1 (VLOG)

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You guys have been asking, and I answer, years later. In this VLOG style video, I have my morning coffee and empty the pockets on my off day before hitting the range. There will be two more videos in this series, one with my slick / light duty setup and EDC + a third, where I will go into the details of my tactical setup / load out. Ask questions, comment, make requests for future morning coffee VLOGs, anything goes.

Pen:Hogue Tactical
Knife: Benchmade Infidel 3300
Flashlight:Surefire Titan
Sunglasses: Oakley Standard Issue
Tourniquet: North American Rescue CAT7

First Responder Network:

Camera Gear: Sony a6400
Audio: Sennheiser EW102 Wireless and Lav

Music: Licensed via
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