Magnet Fishing Gone Right! This is crazy!

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You all asked for it so we are back at the honey hole with the Genesis G90!! You will not be disappointed as of course we found a ton of goodies here as always! Thank you for watching!

Merch is here!!

Currently working on new tee shirts!
Brand new 20oz tumblers!

Be sure to use code junkie10 to get your discount at Magnet Store!

Channel Id: UCNgvY7N_HeRQZ6geBAyTWDg

rogue magnetics discount code: MAGNETJUNKIE10

Question/comments: nw07812@

Be sure to use coupon code magnetjunkie for 10% off @ brute magnetics

My equipment:
Genesis G90 from Magnetstore UK
550kg pro from the Magnetstore UK
1200# single sided by Rouge magnetics
1200# brute single sided
1500# Wukong double sided
Grappling hook from magnetstore UK
GOpro hero 7

Music :
Victim to Victor by RKVC

RhythmOrganyzer by Noir Et Blanc Vie
Channel Id: UCIUATMnLtNo51kKuv95R1UQ

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