Koi Diary 73 - Bit of a Clean up, Pergola roof and Pond covers

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Yo Yo Yo, welcome back to my Keeping Diary video series!

So, where have I have been you ask, well just ticking over, lack of motivation due to winter and crap weather and then just couldnt be bothered if truth be told, lol.

Anyway, the Koi season in the UK is kicking off slowly now the weather is picking up, although all this Covid-19 carnage its a bit tricky with purchasing and even visiting Koi dealers etc, hopefully things will return to some kind of normal before summer is been and gone!

So about time i did a bit of maintenance on a few left over jobs from 2019, and to get them bloomin covers off!
Im fed up with looking at the poly carb so lets banish the covers for as long as possible!

Anyway, thanks to all who messaged me over the past few months, sorry I probably didnt reply to everyone (motivation issue on my part) but your words and comments are really appreciated!

So dont forget you have till 4pm Saturday 18th April 2020 to enter the free 5kg food give away, video link at end of video.

Good to be back and thanks for watching


Stay safe and stay at home, lets kick Coronavirus into touch and get some normality back to our lives!

Koi Pond Build written blog:-

Specs :-
3000 gallons, Block built, box weld liner, aerated bottom drain, QK22 drum filter, QK midi shower with 30kg of Midori Infrared Bacteria Home media and 10kg Lotus root Bacteria home media, 3ft votex with 100ltr K1 micro. Aqua Forte Vario pump at 99watts (variable power output) over shower, superfish eco 3000 on K1 vortex.
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