JUST IN! 2 DAYS $2000 Second Stimulus Check Update SSI SSDI PUA + Unemployment Benefits

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SECOND STIMULUS CHECK, THIRD STIMULUS CHECK, SSI, SSDI, Unemployment. Daily stimulus check update, your second stimulus check, your executive action, executive order, memorandums, moratoriums, and stimulus package update for Saturday, January 2nd, 2021.

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Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky fr calling $2,000 stimulus checks “socialism for the rich” on New Year’s Day.

Graham tweeted, “With all due respect to my Republican colleagues, a $2k direct payment for individuals and families who are struggling is not socialism. In my view, it is necessary in the times in which we live.”

McConnell has been very clear in opposing the $2,000 stimulus checks this week.

Graham added, “Going from $600 to $2,000 doesn’t make you a socialist. Mr. President, keep fighting for the American people who are suffering. Insist on a standalone vote.”

Have to agree with Graham here, the American people need more financial assistance and this would help substantially.

The National Polling data from Data for Progress, a progressive think tank, released Friday from among 1,166 voters that 47 percent blame Republicans in Congress for failing to hash out an agreement for $2,000 stimulus relief checks.

15 percent blame Trump for not supporting the $600 to $2,000 direct payment increase earlier.

About one-third of Americans surveyed about 32 percent said they blame Congressional Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to push federal relief.

The same polling center released data that found 81 percent of likely voters prefer $2,000 checks over $600.

What are you are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with the polling data?

Democrats vowed to swiftly revive the $2,000 checks after the new Congress is sworn on Sunday.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the chair of the House Democratic caucus stated, “President-elect Joe Biden has made clear that the pandemic relief bill that Congress passed is simply a down payment on the work that needs to continue.”

He added, “We’re going to continue to fight for a $2,000 direct payment check.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, , was one of the few GOP senators pushing for a standalone vote on the $2,000 stimulus checks, saying that in "the new Congress, you could get a vote."

Graham during an interview on Fox and Friends stated, "We have seven Republicans who have already said they'd vote for it. We need five more. I think if we had the vote, we would get there."

Biden has also voiced support for a third stimulus bill, adding that he “must” ask Congress to “do it again next year.”

We are hopeful that change in Congress will help to accomplish what we need to revive the economy.

That was your stimulus check, your second stimulus check, your executive action and stimulus package update for Friday, January 1st, 2021


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