How To Play PHANTOM! (Best 7 Tips) Rogue Company Phantom Tutorial

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How To Play PHANTOM in Roguye Company! These are the best tips for
Phantom in Rogue Company.

Phantom is one the best Rogues in Rogue Company in my opinion.
And these tips are Universal for Any FPS or Shooter Video Game.

Here's what the Rogue Company Phantom Tutorial Video covers:
1. 00:37 What To Upgrade First for Phantom
2. 03:20 Best Tips for Phantom on PC or Console
3. 06:00 How to play Phantom on the controller

Best Phantom Setting in Rogue Company
Settings: (Controller)
Horizontal Controller Sens:
Vertical Controller Sens:
Horizontal Controller ADS Sens: 50
Horizontal Controller ADS Sens 50
Left Stick Deadzone:
Right Stick Deadzone:
Acceleration Boost: 5%
Acceleration Boost Multiplier:
Horizontal Controller Scope Sens: 50
Vertical Controller Scope Sens: 50

How to play Rogue Company?
- It's a 4v4 third-person, first-person shooter with special agents that have different abilities and gadgets.
- It's NOW FREE!!

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