????How To Get Reindeer Horse - The Wild West Christmas Update / Event (Roblox)????

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In this video, I will show you how to get the limited time Reindeer Horse in The Wild West on Roblox. The Reindeer horse was added in the Christmas update / event in The Wild West. This Reindeer horse is only available for a limited time, and if you get the horse, you will keep it forever after the Christmas update/event is gone.

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To get the reindeer horse you need to get a golden ticket to Santa's Workshop. You get this golden ticket under the Christmas tree in Bronze city. You only get one godlen ticket, so to get more golden tickets you have to arrest people. What you need to do is ride the special train to the end of the tracks to enter the North Pole or Santa's Workshop.

Now when you're at the North Pole you will need to activate 3 totems which I will show you in the video. When you've activated them all go to the back area in Santa's Workshop where you will open a chest to get the limited Reindeer Horse for the Christmas event.

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What is The Wild West? The Wild West is a very fun open-world game on Roblox. The Wild West has some similar aspects to Red Dead Redemption 2.
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