Fouad Abiad on Starting a Supplement Company, YouTube + MORE | Interview Part 2

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In this Part 2 of my 2 part interview with @Fouad Abiad an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder & owner of @HOSSTILE Supplements & Apparel, we delve into a range of topics including the reasons behind why he started a supplement company with his wife as a business partner, we discuss his YouTube channel & what the future the future hold for that, if he'll compete in 2020 in bodybuilding or ever again, why his bodybuilding cooking videos do so well, Is it okay Kai Greene is teasing bodybuilding fans with a comeback + MUCH MUCH MORE! What did you think of this interview? & do you want to see Fouad Abiad on Desktop Bodybuilding more regularly

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01:54 Why Fouad started a supplement company (HOSSTILE)
08:36 How Fouad & wife Sommer work as business partners on Hosstile
10:46 How to market a supplement company
15:20 Fouad Abiad’s YouTube channel & the future of it
24:06 Do Fouad & my partners cook for us?
25:46 Why Fouad Abiad’s cooking videos get so many views
26:32 Will Fouad compete in 2020 or ever again in bodybuilding?
30:30 Is Kai Greene teasing bodybuilding fans with a comeback a bad thing?
39:45 Does Fouad want to have kids?

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