Follow Up Jigger Digging Mary - a bit challenging to understand Mary because of little information

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Some families can be hard to help because family members can decide to be so economical with words and therefore quite unwilling to share the truth about what's going on. We found it rather challenging to understand Mary's predicament because nobody was willing to freely share information about her. For instance Mary seems to be a special case but her mother insisted she's normal, but admitted to her strange behavior in her jigger treatment efforts. She was this suspicious, sensitive, timid type of a woman and her attitude made us quite uncomfortable and our efforts unwelcome. We admire open minded people with readiness to be helped. We want people to open up a bit about what ails them so that we can team up to find solutions as a team. We left Mary's home after jigger digging well aware that we would have to be back to try again getting to the root cause of the problem. Normally in such cases, superstitions play a role.
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