First Weapon Found With Our New 600kg Pull Magnet. #fourseasonsmagnetfishing

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#FourSeasonsMagnetFishing #magnetfishing #magnetfinds
Pulled in our first weapon today with our new magnet ,James and I had a great day plenty of finds between us. The magnet has a 300 kg pull on each side and we also used the good old 200 magnet.
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I would recommend magnet fishing to anybody,its a great outdoors pastime load's of fun we do get a few surprises from time to meet load's of people young and old on the river Seasons has had load's of finds over the last 5 years big and small.
Magnet Fishing is a fast growing hobby across the world fun for all the family,all you need to get started is a magnet and a good strong rope plus glove''s come in all shape's and size's. Just look on Youtube/Goggle and you can see the most popular magnet's used.
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