FINALLY! Second Stimulus Package Update And EXTRA $1,000 Friday, May 22nd

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Jerome Powell, the chair of the fed said , “The United States economy is in a downturn without modern precedent,”. “In the best of times, predicting the path of the economy with any certainty is difficult,” but . “We are now experiencing a whole new level of uncertainty, as questions only the virus can answer complicate the outlook.” He said Fed policymakers and those in Congress and the White House should be prepared to do more if needed. President Trump said the United States would not shut down again if the virus comes back and we have a second wave of infections. “We’re not going to close the country — we’re going to put out the fires,”. Dr. Fauci said, “The virus is not going to disappear,” “It’s a highly transmissible virus. At any given time, it’s some place or another. As long as that’s the case, there’s a risk of resurgence.” Trump ordered flags over federal buildings and monuments lowered to half-staff from Friday through Sunday “in memory of the Americans we have lost to the Virus.” Larry Kudlow, director of the White House National Economic Council, said “The numbers coming in are not good. In fact, they are downright bad in most cases. But we are seeing some glimmers”

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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Thursday, “I think there is a strong likelihood we will need another bill,” he said, speaking at an event hosted by The Hill. “We’re going to step back for a few weeks and think very clearly how we need to spend more money and if we need to do that.” That while additional government support was likely to be necessary, he was waiting to see how recent relief bills — which total nearly $3 trillion — play out. He suggested the Trump administration would want to modify a provision in the Cares Act that provides an additional $600 a week in unemployment benefits to laid-off workers because it allows many low-income employees to receive more money than they did working. Yesterday in an interview Mitch McConnell said how The [CARES] Act, which passed a month or so ago on a bipartisan basis, only about half of that money has gone out yet,""I think there's a high likelihood we will do another rescue package, but we need to be able to measure the impact of what we've already done, what we did right, what we did wrong [and] correct that.” He said that about half of the money has been spent. Mcconnell in an interview said “the senate and the white house are on the same page”. The White House has opening expressed more stimulus checks so this is good. Two days ago McConnell said the extended unemployment benefits will not continue. However yesterday he explained how “The problem was by paying people more not to work than to work, it's making it difficult to get people back to work. You can understand that,". Mcconnell said, ”We do need to continue unemployment insurance, [it's] extremely important at a time like this."But to pay people more not to work than to work doesn't encourage resuming your job. And that will end in July. And we think that in order to create jobs, we need to incentivize people to go back to work, not encourage them to stay home." Mcconnell also said “You're going to have liability protection in there so that people, or the plaintiffs' lawyers are prevented from stealing, in effect, all of this public money we're sending down to hospitals and doctors and non-profits as a result of the coronavirus," 

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