Federal MP's 'trying to run a million miles' from emerging land acquisition scandal

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Shadow Transport Minister Catherine King says she finds it “extraordinary” no ministers knew anything about the $30 million land acquisition by the federal government.

A report by the Australian National Audit Officer has revealed a block of land bought for nearly $30 million by the federal government in 2018 using taxpayer dollars was valued at about $3 million just one year later.

"The audit officer’s report says some pretty damning things about the way in which this process was handled," the minisrer said.

“I’d want to know very clearly what were ministers doing to allow such a blatant waste of taxpayer’s money.

“At the very least ministers should have been asking questions; how much is the property costing us, is it the best value for taxpayers money.”

Ms King said the government was “trying to run a million miles from” the emerging scandal, a move she considered "not good enough".

"Ministers are responsible for the decisions that they make, they are responsible for the proper use of taxpayers money and I think they’ve got some really serious questions to answer in relation to this acquisition," she said.
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