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The fascination with attaining white skin is not new. People including celebrities, most that are already born with white skin, endorse skin lightening products and unfortunately, most of it is advertisement, and it has a recurring theme – white is better. In this video, I will be sharing a very effective face pack with you to get brighter and even skin tone naturally. Skin whitening should not be the goal, but the goal should be to clear your skin from acne marks so that it has an even tone, and is healthy. Often people get patches and scars from old pimples. Usually, people spend a lot of money on bleach creams and other beauty products that are very processed and have a lot of chemicals. This will help you get rid of those as well. Instead of using harmful, skin fairness cream, it’s better to change your goals and achieve healthier looking skin with all natural ingredients such as potato, yogurt, banana peel and lemon. This will be better for your skin in long term. It is also important to drink plenty of water, consume less sugar, get enough sleep and have a balanced diet. And of course, lower stress and more exercise can help achieve beautiful, glowing, spotless and flawless skin. This video is in Hindi, or Urdu.

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