Essential Brimstone Site Smokes to Easily Take Any Site on Bind | Valorant Guide

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Want to be able to easily take any site on Bind with your smokes alone? You've come to the right video, the third in a series of videos where I show how to take each site with smokes on every Map so far in the beta. In this video i'll be demonstrating smokes from A-Showers, A-Short, B-Hookah, and B-Long. I'll also demonstrate how to smoke when you lose control of certain areas, as well as smokes for fast plants that can even work on eco rounds. This smokes are meant to be relatively simple, but can be difficult when in the middle of a gunfight. Regardless, these are great smokes to learn as a Brimstone player and they can really help your team create tough situations for the defenders.

Haven Smokes:

Split Smokes:

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