Doubling My Account Trading 1 Stock: Day 2 Trend Day (14% Goal Reached)

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Hi PAT Fam,

Day 2: 14% Goal Reached

Today we saw some nice trends. If you were attentive then there were some awesome entries that would've produced some good runners. I was able to capitalize on a few of them but working full time, I can only pay attention to charts every once in a while.

Time Index (Recommend watching 2x speed):
0:27 doubling my account
2:07 why i use an ES overlay over MES
4:02 beginning of TA
9:52 You need to know the language of the market
18:07 *Trade/Setup (4th pullback under 20 EMA)
26:32 *Trade/Setup (TEXTBOOK 2LPB bounce off 20 EMA)
47:37 checklist for trading 2LPB
59:22 *Trade/Setup (4th pullback under 240 SMA & 20 EMA)
1:09:22 How to tell end of a trend
1:13:37 *Trade/Setup (3rd pullback off support)
1:16:41 trade review
1:25:26 wrap up

I'm trading the MES and doubling my 2k account before moving to Big Daddy ES. This is my trading journal along the way so I'll be talking throughout the video. Though 1 point in the MES is only $5, if you can double an account in the MES you, theoretically you can double an account in the ES. In fact, it is harder to double an account in the MES since the percentage of commissions is higher. So if you can double a 2k account in MES that is equivalent to doubling a 20k account in ES.

Day 1 (6/1/20): 2% goal reached
Day 2: 14% goal reached

This is not trading advice. All content/information provided in this clip is purely educational in nature. I am not a financial advisor and any information provided is for educational purposes only.
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