Dogecoin: PUMP Or DUMP? | What’s Next For Dogecoin?????

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In this video we recap what was hyped up as the “glorious day for Doge.” While we didn’t see the returns that many people were hoping for last night, we did still see an overall increase on the day thanks to 4 tweets from Elon Musk. The question now becomes, what will happen with Dogecoin moving forward? We’ve seen Elon hype the heck out of it, planned buy-ins, and hype is at an all time high, yet there is still a struggle to get back to the all-time highs that we saw last week. Does this mean that the coin is dead, and there’s no more rallying it? No. But it does mean that it’s gonna take a lot in order to push those new highs. Despite not seeing the spike many wanted last night, I still feel that this is a coin that I personally want exposure to moving forward, because ultimately anything can happen: we’ve seen Dogecoin be accepted by more businesses, and it does have a faster block time than Bitcoin. Time will tell with Dogecoin, but I feel that there is still tremendous upside, and that it’s not time to panic sell/dump.

Do you think we will see Dogecoin go on another huge rally soon?????

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