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Your skin needs a breather from all the pollutants and stress it is subjected to. This face pack with Caffeine and Kaolin clay helps relax your skin and unclog pores for letting it breathe better.
It's suitable for all skin types. Relaxes detoxifies and freshens face. Its Sulphate & Paraben-free.
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Benefits of Caffeine Face Pack
Relaxes Skin: Relax your face with the detoxifying and relaxing nature of this face pack.

Freshens the Face: It helps bring a radiating glow to the face, making you feel fresh.

Deep Detoxification: The nature-based clay provides deep detoxification and clears off pores.

Step 1 Clean your face and pat it dry

Step 2 Apply the face pack evenly on your face, avoiding areas around the eyes, brows, lips and hairline.

Step 3 Leave it on for 15-20 minutes or until dry

Step 4 Rinse thoroughly with water

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