Bitcoin Panic Dump Soon????????/Bitcoin Pizza Day/Crypto News|Tamil Crypto Tech

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Bitcoin Panic Dump Soon????????/Bitcoin Pizza Day/Crypto News|Tamil Crypto Tech


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In this video I explained the Bitcoin Panic Dump and Bitcoin important day and Technical analysis of Bitcoin.

Yesterday Sathoshi Nakamoto sold 50 bitcoin this Type of spread all over the world so Bitcoin Panic dump starts and Bitcoin biggest dump starts.

In twitter account whales alert tweet the 50 bitcoins transfer the 2009 mined blocks. Becoz Bitcoin was made in 2009 That First month bitcoin mining was so easily and that many speculation going that sathoshi nakamoto mining the bitcoin so many lakhs.

That bitcoin address transfer some bitcoins in another account so Bitcoin dumped. why bitcoin dumps starts?

All are believed e that address are sathoshi nakamoto blocks so sathoshi hold the lakhs of bitcoins in him wallet.

Some much of speculation going first one is. who is sathoshi nakamoto?? . Bitcoin cash sathoshi version founder craig wright filed the case on court. He provided the bitcoin address Document in court and evidence of Sathoshi Nakamoto mine.

Already happened this type of sell off. In 2015, this of panic going on and Bitcoin Dump happened.

Next Move :-

I explained the Bitcoin Next Move and technical analysis of bitcoin pump or dump.

I use the candlestick pattern and use Rsi startgy and Support and Resistance point. IF bitcoin break out 10,600$ Bitcoin Bull run starts. IF Bitcoin dump 8,000$, Bitcoin Biggest bearish trend starts.

Important Day:-

May 22, 2010. Two Pizza Bought by 10,000 Bitcoins. In 2010, price of 10,000 Bitcoins was just 25$ but Today 10,000 Bitcoin Price is 100 millions Us dollars (Inr amount - 700 crores).

** So Don't panic about Bitcoin.


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