$300 LWA Unemployment Benefits Update California EDD Phase 2 Gets Their Next Payments Shows Paid

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I know a lot of you in California were wondering when you'd get your next extra $300 LWA (Lost Wages Assistance program) unemployment benefit payment. In this unemployment update, I'm happy to share that for once it seems like when the CA EDD said we'd get our next payment within a few days of the first payment, that seems to be true! People in phase 2 are starting to see on their California EDD UI Online account that under claims history for the weeks ending 8/1, 8/8 and 8/15 all 3 dates show paid.
I'm in phase 2 and I got my first back payment of the LWA $300 unemployment benefits on Sunday 8/20 (it showed paid on my UI Online account on Saturday 8/19). Now when I log onto my UI Online account it says paid for the dates ending 8/8 and 8/15 as well!
In total I've been paid 3 retroactive back payments of $900 which means I'm now caught up to phase 1. I'm happy the CA EDD was able ot get these payments out quickly to us, I'm hoping that once phase 2 is all caught up, we will get our next two payments.
In total the EDD has only confirmed 5 retroactive back payments of the $300 from the LWA Lost Wages Assistance Program though FEMA has said it will issue 6 payments.
FEMA is out of funds for the $300 extra LWA unemployment boost so, I hope Congress can agree on more unemployment stimulus soon or that the president again steps in with executive orders to make sure that we get more than our base weekly benefit amount.

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