Почему Западное общество себя уничтожает?

Today, LGBT and feminism are often promoted in the West, but traditional values are not. But why such double standards? Why does Europe support minorities and impose their ideals on the majority?

In this article, I call “Europeans” not only Europe, but also the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Since many residents of the countries I have listed are from the Old World and belong to the general Western civilization)

In my previous articles, I have already written that Europe is deteriorating, that Europeans have experienced a deep spiritual crisis, the indigenous population is catastrophically declining, but despite this, LGBT, feminism, and free love are actively promoted there. Someone wrote to me in the comments saying, “where did you get the author from – is this homophobia”? Every time I read these comments, I am surprised, because homophobia is a fear of homosexuals, but I, like all normal people, am not afraid of them, they only cause me dislike. I would like to emphasize that I am not a supporter